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The Common Ground Project

We believe that voters in Florida agree on more core issues than they disagree. Policies that focus on ensuring families in the Sunshine State can afford safe housing, have access to quality and affordable healthcare, and can send their children to thriving public schools have broad support on both sides of the ideological spectrum. By working to find the places where the majority of voters agree, we can build the common ground necessary to create solutions that will allow hardworking families to thrive, protect our environment, and boost our economy.

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Meet The Team


Tess Martin

Tess is a freelance writer and political strategist who serves as the co-director of the Common Ground Project as well as the vice president of the Brevard Chapter of the ACLU.

Lisa Perry

Lisa started her career in anthropology and has spent time working on projects in Ethiopia, Indonesia, and Malaysia.  Lisa is a passionate community organizer and political strategist.  Lisa currently serves as the

co-director for the Common Ground Project.