This year, our state representatives and senators have the opportunity to pass legislation that would help millions of working Floridians. If passed, The Working Families Tax Credit Program (Senate Bill 1786 and House Bill 1411)  would grant additional funds for individuals and families who currently qualify for the federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). This would increase the tax credits for working families, allowing those earning low wages to better keep up with the rising costs of living.


    Research and polling show that voters of all backgrounds and political persuasions are extremely supportive of legislation that would assist working families navigate the rising costs of healthcare, childcare, and housing.


    No one should have to forgo necessary preventative care because they can’t afford it. But millions of hardworking families, seniors, veterans, disabled individuals, and children are unable to see a doctor regularly due to a lack of affordable coverage. This leaves too many in a desperate situation in which one major illness or catastrophic injury would result in bankruptcy.

    In Florida, more than 2.8 million people are uninsured. That number doesn’t include Floridians with bare minimum, high deductible coverage that they cannot afford to use.




    Lower and middle income Floridians across the state are struggling with the cost of housing. Millions are locked into rentals that cost more than 30% of their household income, making saving to purchase a home of their own impossible. Too many face the difficult choice of paying rent or paying for costs related to healthcare and other necessities. By using the full amount of the Sadowski Housing Trust Fund to create additional affordable housing options in Florida, working families, seniors, veterans, and disabled residents of the Sunshine State will have a better opportunity to meet the rising costs of living and truly thrive.





    The Common Ground Project will be sharing detailed information on the issues and policies that we’re focusing on, based on in depth research and ongoing conversations with diverse groups of voters throughout the Sunshine State. Check our website often to track the issues for which we’re advocating, as well as the events and trainings we’re putting together to see how you can get involved.