This year, our state representatives and senators have the opportunity to pass legislation that would help millions of working Floridians. If passed, The Working Families Tax Credit Program (Senate Bill 1786 and House Bill 1411)  would grant additional funds for individuals and families who currently qualify for the federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). This would increase the tax credits for working families, allowing those earning low wages to better keep up with the rising costs of living.


Research and polling show that voters of all backgrounds and political persuasions are extremely supportive of legislation that would assist working families navigate the rising costs of healthcare, childcare, and housing.


The federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) program is the most effective tool for lifting working families out of poverty and improving the quality of life for millions of children every year. The EITC provides credits ranging from $519 for workers with no children to $6,431 for workers with at least three children. The EITC and Child Tax Credit (CTC) together boosted the incomes of 29.1 million Americans in 2017, lifting 8.9 million above the poverty line and making 20.2 million others less poor. Expanding this program at the state level would maximize the benefit for Florida's working families and provide more children with the tools for success in the future.


A state EITC would build on the benefit of the federal EITC by offering additional assistance to individuals and families that are working, but still struggling to make ends meet. 29 states have enacted their own EITC programs, allowing millions of working residents and families to keep more of what they earn.


The same can happen here in Florida.

3.3 million Florida households are considered 'working poor'. These are folks who have jobs, but are unable to make ends meet due to low wages. Creating an EITC) program in Florida would return additional funds to many of these families, helping to move them away from the precipice of poverty. You can help us stand with Florida’s working families by contacting your state representatives and senators and asking that they support HB 1411 and SB 1786, legislation that would expand the proven benefits of the federal EITC program to the state level.